Pioneer Up in This Bitch: Gangsta Boo & Feminist Historiographies of Rap

candy, diamonds, pillsGangsta Boo’s Enquiring Minds (1998) was the soundtrack to a season of fence-jumping feminism, a culmination of springs, summers, and falls spent fighting boys and finding our voices in communities that worked to silence the raucous and bulbous female parts of us. We had been anticipating the album, knowing full well Lola Mitchell’s refusal to be tucked and secreted, and also anxious about our need for her voice to confirm the black southern girl theory we conjured every day beyond boys’ earshot. [Continue reading]

Prince Made Me Start This Blog: Negress Year (Plus Another Year Plus Some Change) In Review


He--Prince--didn't exactly come to me in a cloud of purple divinity and command me to do so, mind you. I had been on Tumblr, largely out of pedagogical dedication, sporadically reblogging things and scrolling and refreshing pages for hours on end, … [Continue reading]

“An Idea of Change”: Marco Pavé and the Politicization of Memphis Hip-Hop

marco for blog post

Art is always already personal and political. Memphis native Marco Pavé’s recently released mixtape, Obscure Reality, and his community work in and beyond his neighborhood, exemplify this dual function of art, as well as the possibilities of art to … [Continue reading]

I Guess I’ll See You Next Lifetime: Geographies of Time Travel in Kiese Laymon’s Long Division

Long Division

24 Feb 2014 “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately…” -Thoreau, 1854 “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” -Faulkner, 1950 “And I can feel it for sure/I been here before.” -Teena Marie, 1979 “I guess I’ll see you next … [Continue reading]